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How We Help


Enhance models with the latest innovations in ML, with highest governance and speed to production

Corridor Platforms creates a governed modeling pipeline with complete transparency so that modelers have full knowledge of compliance requirements during the build process, thereby eliminating any surprises. Automated role and data governance provide modelers freedom to innovate within pre-set boundaries. Eliminate the need for extensive revisions during governance and deploy your models to production quickly for faster and more impactful results. 

Leverage automation to focus on what matters and create value

Spend less time data wrangling or chasing approvals. We offer a compliant feature store, automated approval workflows and industry-standard compliance dashboards and model documentation templates to speed up the approval process - so you can focus on building models that deliver value.

Compare and track model performance with ease

Get real-time insights and measure performance metrics (ROC, Compliance Metrics, Approval Rates) through standardized monitoring dashboards. Automate alerts and take corrective actions immediately to avoid any loss in profitability due to model decay.

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